Flood waters can damage your home and carpets, by leaving muck, silt and unknown contaminants. In the event your home has suffered from water damage, Stately Carpet Care have on hand trained water damage specialists to help you find the best solution. We take the stress out of a very distressing situation.

Ideally you would have identified the source of the leak or water inundation, whether it is an overflowing bath, sink, burst pipe or from storm/flood damage. Where you can you need to stop the water leak and relocate any furniture and household items to a dry area. Call our 24/7 emergency service and speak to our representatives regarding your emergency who will advise what further to do until we can arrive.

Stately Carpet Care aim to get you back to enjoying your home as soon as possible so on arrival our emergency response team will:

  • Assess your water damage.
  • Advise you on the best course of action on your water damage.
  • Extract excess water from flooring.
  • Measure the moisture level and install drying equipment which may include blowers and/or dehumidifiers depending on the moisture meter readings.
  • Monitor drying process over the coming days.
  • Once all flooring and structure is deemed dry by use of a professional moisture meter all drying equipment is then removed and affected areas are steam cleaned and deodorised.

If you need assistance for any water damage emergency in Brisbane, then call us on our 24/7 emergency service numbers and speak to Chris (0403 309 570) or Bev (0419 645 296).

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