Spot dyeing services

Wine stains, bleach spots, urine or pet stains? A tough stain in your carpet can be a real eye sore and if renting, left unrectified can result in some loss of your bond, costing you money! To rid your carpet of these problem areas, Stately Carpet Care in Brisbane specialise in carpet spot dyeing.

With extensive training in the field, we are able to put the colours back into your carpet that have been stripped out. The process is immediate and permanent, the dyes have a guarantee for the life of the carpet. Carpet steam cleaning will not ever remove the dye.

Spot dyeing when done professionally by Stately Carpet Care can spare the cost of replacing a room of carpet. Replacing carpet is sometimes not an option as no two rolls of carpet are the same shade.

Our fully trained and insured technicians have years of industry experience in carpet spot dyeing and colour correction to provide a cost effective solution to what could be a very costly replacement job.

Want to know more about our carpet spot dyeing services and if it is a solution for your carpet? Give us a call today at 0403 309 570 or 0419 645 296 to speak with one of our friendly staff. You can alternatively click here to fill the online enquiry form and we will get in touch with you soon.


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