If your household policy covers you for damages to your home’s flooring, we have the expertise and knowledge to repair your carpet to its former glory. Some of us at some stage will be unfortunate to experience an event which leads to damage of the carpet.

Burn Marks

Should your carpet become damaged to burn marks or scorch marks, we may be able to patch the damaged areas restoring the unblemished look to the carpet.

Water damage

Burst pipes, leaking taps or wild thunder storms that damage roofs may see your carpets or expensive rugs sustaining extensive water damage.  At Stately Carpet Care our knowledgeable team with years of industry experience may be able to restore your carpets rather than replace.  Talk to the experts before removing any water laden carpets for the best advice on how to proceed.

Pet and insect damage – Insurance repairs need not necessarily means repairs arising out of emergency. We also repair carpets damaged by pets and insects, if covered under householder’s policy.

If you wish to know more about any of our services, click here. Or, if you need a quote for insurance repair services, call Chris on 0403 309 570 or Bev on 0419 645 296 or alternatively you can click here to fill the online enquirer form and you’ll soon hear from us.

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